Get your skincare advice from actual skincare professionals – not celebrities and influencers.


Because every person is different, every skin care treatment that we perform is different. Each treatment is 100% custom tailored to the needs and goals of each individual client.

From anti-aging to acne control to improving overall tone and texture, there are many different combinations of modalities implemented at LUXE Skin to help every client achieve healthy beautiful skin.

Professional Products

It is far easier to maintain healthy skin and prevent future damage than it is to have to repair damage already done and fix existing skin concerns. So why not stay ahead of the game? Pairing your professional treatments in the studio with professional products at home is the best way to not only see impressive results, but to maintain healthy glowing skin for years to come.

Questions about which products are right for you? Shoot me a message, an email, a text, or a DM! I’m always available to help navigate the (often confusing) world of skincare products and find something you and your skin will love.


luxury skin care & body waxing
for EVERY body


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Our Mission

As beauty professionals, it is our sincere belief that every person is so much more beautiful than they think, not that they should strive to be prettier than they are. LUXE Skin is in the business of helping people everywhere achieve clear, healthy, smooth skin with luxury skin care and body waxing services to meet the needs of every individual client, no matter what.


LUXE Skin is a full service skin care studio based in Phoenix, AZ specializing in luxury skin care and body waxing for all bodies.

Do you have questions about skincare, products, or treatments? We would love to hear from you!


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