What exactly is enzyme exfoliation?

Facial enzymes, especially the SkinScript enzymes that I use at my studio, are made to be applied to the surface of the skin after cleansing. The active ingredients in these enzymes work to move across the surface of your skin and essentially eat all the dead skin cells. Imagine a little PacMan gliding across your face and munching up all the dead skin in its path. Enzymes are like thousands of those tiny PacMen. This leaves the skin bright, refreshed, and helps to decongest pores. It also means that because we’ve removed that layer of dead keratinized skin, all the other products that we apply afterward will be more effective.

This type of exfoliation is more intense than using a scrub, but less dramatic than dermaplaning or a chemical peel. Different enzymes have different strengths or activity levels, which means they’ll work differently depending on each individual clients skin type and conditions. Because of the high concentration of active ingredients in these products and the fact that some of them do contain acids and are considered more of an “enzyme peel”, they can cause a tingling or “spicy” feeling on the skin, and leave the skin with a slightly pink or red tone. Remember, redness is not always a bad thing! In this case, we are promoting blood flow and encouraging cell turnover. If redness does occur after using an enzyme, I’ll calm the skin back down afterward with a hydrating, cooling, or barrier repair mask.

I have enzymes in my studio for sensitive skin, resilient skin, and everything in between. Every facial treatment is fully customized to the clients individual needs, and I’ve got an enzyme that will work for you!

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