Have you seen these hydrojelly masks all over Instagram lately? They’re a popular trend in professional skincare right now (even though we’ve been using them for ages), but the best part about them is how incredibly well they work! (Okay, and how incredibly satisfying they are to remove 😂😍)

These masks come in a powder form (pictured here) and when mixed with water they form a delightfully smooth textured jelly. We then pour that glob of goo directly onto your face (no joke) and spread it around so it covers from your forehead to your neck. We do cover the eyes and the mouth as these areas are often neglected by skin care products and in desperate need of hydration and repair—but if you have lash extensions we skip the eyes.

These are my favorite masks to use after a dermaplaning or exfoliating enzyme facial service. They calm any redness while infusing the skin with tons of moisture. I have a great selection of different types of hydrojelly masks in the studio, and they all have different active ingredients with unique functions. The activated charcoal mask draws out impurities and congestion for oily skin types and leaves you feeling incredibly clean. The vampire mask 🧛‍♂️ contains lactic acid and is fantastic for decreasing the appearance of fine lines, lightening hyperpigmentation, and brightening overall skin tone. I also have an intensive aftercare hydrojelly that I use primarily for my vajacial services (yes, I mask your 🐱 after a Brazilian service.) This helps tremendously with redness and swelling of the follicles and leaves you hydrated and comfortable.

Another awesome thing about these masks is they’re available in individual packaging for retail, meaning you can take them home with you! Whether your skincare goals are to decrease the appearance of fine lines, control oil and breakouts, or repair UV damage, there’s a hydrojelly mask for that!

Have you had a hydrojelly mask treatment before? Are you a skincare professional who likes using them during treatments? Tell me about it in the comments!

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