Why Waxing?

The benefits of waxing vs. shaving

Shaving is, for the vast majority of the US population, the first form of body hair removal to which people are introduced. For many, it’s the only form they ever try. I’m here to tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt – there’s a better way!

There are lots of negative connotations and stereotypes that surround the subject of body waxing (which I’ll go into ad nauseam in another post, I promise). And a lot of people are downright afraid to try it, because they’ve heard that it can be incredibly painful. But the benefits of waxing far outweigh any drawbacks.

Let’s delve into some of those benefits, shall we?

▪️ Waxing removes the entire hair down to the root, leaving a completely empty follicle. Because your hair grows in three different phases, that follicle can remain empty for up to three weeks. Empty follicle = no hair = smooth skin. As if that weren’t enough, the hair that does grow back will be a brand new baby hair (not a dense old hair that has been cut off every single day of it’s growth cycle) so it’ll be thinner and finer than usual.

▪️ Because we are removing the hair completely, you won’t have any stubble the next day. Waxing also completely eliminates razor burn and irritation from shaving. Shaving is a pretty intense form of exfoliation, which we never recommend doing more than every other day. It’s no wonder our skin gets so angry being shaved (exfoliated) every day!

▪️Do you have darker skin under your arms? Since we only wax every 3-5 weeks, you won’t have the daily friction and irritation of shaving. This helps with the hyperpigmentation—especially because the coral wax I use is helpful for brightening skin tone. We can also add on a lightening and brightening hydrojelly mask after your wax service that will, over time, lighten the overall tone of your skin to help eliminate dark spots completely.

▪️ Are you still reading? Do you really need more reasons?! We have wax packages and a Wax Club membership that will keep you smooth for a super affordable price. Also, you can hang out with me during your wax, and I think I’m pretty fun! 💃🏻😂

Have you been waxed before, or are you curious about starting? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

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